Up to 60% off Samsung Soundbar Bundle with Dolby Atmos & DTS:X

Samsung HW-Q600A 3.1.2 Soundbar.

If your home theater is lacking in the audio department, Voot! Just gave you a great excuse to upgrade it. Right now the Samsung HW-Q600A Soundbar Bundle is only $238, which is 60% off the usual $600. This setup comes with everything you need for a simple surround sound experience, including a subwoofer and a soundbar with multiple speakers and multiple upward-facing drivers — but we’ll get into more of that later. For now, check out this incredible deal on Voot! before it is gone.

Why you should buy the Samsung HW-Q600A Soundbar Bundle

Soundbar deals can vary greatly in quality, so it’s important not to jump on the first one. This bundle is coming from Samsung, so you know it’s well built and will pair well with your TV, especially if you have a Samsung display. The HW-Q600A is a 3.1.2 setup. That means three things: the soundbar has three speakers, one center, right, and left; It has a subwoofer, which is separate from the soundbar, so you can place it wherever you want; And the soundbar has two upward-facing drivers, which means it supports Dolby Atmos sound. Dolby Atmos is a sound technology that mimics surround sound by being able to keep certain sounds in certain areas. For example, the upward-facing drivers on this soundbar can bounce sound off the ceiling so that you’re completely immersed in the movie you’re watching. Even though it’s only a soundbar and a subwoofer, you’ll be amazed at how impressive the sound is.

Because this is a Samsung soundbar, it has a lot of cool tricks that only a TV company could invent. For example, if you have a Samsung TV, you can enable Q-Symphony mode. This allows you to sync the soundbar with the actual speakers built into the TV, so you can use the full potential of your home theater setup. The soundbar features adaptive sound, which means it intelligently determines whether you’re watching a talking scene or an action scene and adjusts accordingly. If you don’t have a Samsung TV, consider getting one. There’s plenty of choice in our 4K TV deals, QLED TV deals and OLED TV deals.

This soundbar deal won’t last long. Since Amazon is selling it’s own Voot! site, it’s probably an overstock they’re trying to get rid of. Before the sale ends, pick up the Samsung HW-Q600A for just $238, down from $600.

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