Stained-glass skin is the perfect mix between the glass and cloud skin trends

Just like its architectural namesake, colored glass skin shows off your face without revealing as a glass skin. It’s ideal for people who prefer fewer products as it doesn’t require a long glass skin routine. It is also not as full coverage as Cloud Skin on the makeup front. “The product will have pigment levels down and mixed into a creamy or balmy formula that has a luminous, reflective finish,” explained makeup artist Stevie Rose. popsugar,

Since this technique is a blend, it combines elements of the glass and cloud skin trends to achieve the stained glass look. For example, you can make moisturizing products a cornerstone of your routine, but go for tinted options for added coverage. Celebrity makeup artist Dani Kimiko Vincent says, “Tinted moisturizers brighten skin and even out complexion but still allow natural skin to show through.” CNN, In addition to the hint of color, make sure you choose a moisturizer with SPF. For maximum effectiveness, “you want the last liquid product on your face during the day to have sun protection,” Vincent said.

When applying setting powder, choose a more limited placement than for cloudy skin. Focus on oil-prone areas, such as your nose or T-zone, to eliminate unwanted shine. By adopting the less-is-more philosophy, you’ll emphasize the natural look of healthy, moisturized skin and the amalgamated approach of nail-stained glass skin.

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