Spanish IRL streamer Lunaclark saved from Twitch chat after a man tried to break into her car when she wasn’t looking

Spanish IRL streamer Lunaclark recently went viral after a man was spotted trying to enter her car through her back door while she was livestreaming on Twitch. The stranger discreetly attempted to get into the vehicle and appeared to pick up some things, thinking the streamer would not notice her as she was busy talking to the camera.

However, when a donation message was read aloud by TTS (text-to-speech), his actions were cut short, warning of danger, forcing him to turn around and face him. However, as soon as the streamer turned around, he fled.

A clip of Lunaclark involuntarily talking to Chats while the man tried to get into the car gained significant traction on social media. So far it has been viewed over 44k times on Twitch and the numbers just keep on rising.

“Dan Saved Her”: Social Media Reacts As Twitch Streamer Lunaclark Is Almost Robbed On Stream

IRL streams have a lot of potential considering how the content deals with the creator’s interactions with the outside world. This is in contrast to streamers who create content inside their rooms.

In recent years, IRL outdoor streams have become a huge part of content creation. However, taking the show outside comes with its own set of challenges, and it’s not uncommon for streamers to find themselves in dire circumstances.

Lunaclark was possibly on the verge of being robbed on stream, and it was only after Dan, a bystander, alerted him to the danger that he caught the man in the act. In the clip, the TTS voice clearly says, “Cuidado,” which roughly translates as ‘be careful.’

Redditors on r/LivestreamFail reacting to the video commended viewers for their attention, some saying it saved him:

“lol donation saved him”

Redditors reacting to a Twitch streamer's clip (pictured by r/LivestreamFail)
Redditors reacting to a Twitch streamer’s clip (pictured by r/LivestreamFail)

Others started talking about how everyone should lock their car doors when stopped for long periods of time.

Many were more concerned with the man who tried to break into the car. They wondered whether he had gone mad to think that he could have gotten away with such an act when the owner was sitting inside the vehicle.

Some criticized Lunaclark for his lukewarm response to the incident and lack of situational awareness.

Redditors are discussing the man who tried to rob llunaclark (picture via r/livestreamFail)
Redditors are discussing the man who tried to rob llunaclark (picture via r/livestreamFail)

IRL streams are known to be dangerous at times. You can read about how a Twitch streamer who was stalked by a fellow hotel guest ended up getting arrested here.

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