‘Snowfall’ Won’t Return For Season 7, But Work May Begin On A Spinoff

After six suspenseful seasons, FX’s snow is over. Network renews highly rated crime drama for an A sixth and final season a year ago, but nothing could have prepared fans for the emotional conclusion to the story of 1980s drug kingpin Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) in the south-central Los Angeles-set crime drama. The finale storyline was in the works for years, though: showrunner Dave Androne pitch season 5 and 6 For FX in 2021.

“We wanted an endgame in mind, so we sat down and had some creative conversations with a few people on our side, and we decided six seasons would do it and we needed to finish the story,” he explained. hollywood reporter In April 2022. “So we’ve known for a while.”

Although he is not saying goodbye to the series completely. Deadline reported on March 29 that a snow byproduct chain A series centering on fan-favorite character Wanda (Gail Bean) is in early development stages at FX. The offshoot is reportedly a continuation of the original story and will take place in the 1990s as a south-central transition from the crack era in the gangster rap business, with areas heavily influenced by gangs led by the Bloods and Crips. According to the outlet, the series will introduce other main characters, but it’s unclear if there are any other originals. snow Characters will be seen in the show


sat down with Los Angeles Times Nearly 24 hours after shooting his final scene, Idris shares his initial feelings Saying goodbye’s shit snow, “It was a whirlwind of emotions. Bitter and sad. There was also surprise. I couldn’t believe we did it,” he told the newspaper. “I was on the verge of tears, but I had to stay strong. Everyone probably wanted me to cry. The show really is the foundation of my career. I’m always going to keep it as a touchstone no matter what.” Nothing beats that feeling. It’s like when a musician has their first hit song that introduces them to the world.

Idris also thought a lot about the legacy of FX’s third most-watched series in history (behind old men And sons of Anarchy, “We’ve always been following Wire, I love that show,” the cluster Actor added. “When the conclusion snow comes, I think there will be a conversation about whether or not this show Wire It was the biggest crime show. I’m excited to hear that conversation.”

Although later he joked about the deadline leaving franklin on vacation In Trinidad and Tobago, Idris acknowledges that the characters he began playing in his early twenties will always be a part of him. “I’ll never really say goodbye to her,” he said in February. “People on the street call me Franklin and I still turn my head in honor of him. The character isn’t really ending, he’s going to live on forever.

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