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EA Sports announced via Twitter that the FIFA 23 servers will undergo maintenance later today, April 19. During the maintenance period, some game modes will be unavailable to players. FIFA 23 servers usually undergo maintenance when the title is updated. This isn’t the reason for today’s maintenance, but EA Sports hasn’t mentioned the exact reason either.

It is worth noting that the maintenance will affect all platforms starting with FIFA 18 and even some older FIFA releases.

FIFA 23’s April 19th Maintenance Will Be A Long Affair

Server maintenance can be extremely disruptive to players. While offline modes are available in FIFA 23, most of the hardcore action takes place online. The latter is heavily affected when the server is down, as matchmaking is completely disabled.

We have maintenance scheduled for April 19th, 6am to 11am UTC. During this time, you may be disconnected or unable to access the Online Services. Match creation will be disabled 30 minutes prior to maintenance. Affected titles: FIFA 18 – 23 on all platforms

Today’s maintenance will start at 6am UTC and will last for five hours as per available information. If the original schedule is maintained, FIFA 23 players can enjoy all game modes starting at 11am UTC. People outside the UK may adjust their times based on time-zone differences.

Matchmaking will be closed 30 minutes prior to the start of the maintenance. This schedule is likely to be followed across all games and platforms. Readers must end their gameplay sessions before the specified time period to prevent data loss.

It’s also worth noting that maintenance can be extended, which has happened in the past. Players can follow Sportskeeda and official sources to know about any changes in the schedule.


Despite the unavailability of an online mode, players can still enjoy the game’s offline offerings, including the popular Career Mode. Players can choose their favorite football club and lead them to new heights of glory. They can make the game as challenging or as easy as they want and face AI-controlled teams.

Volta Mode is another interesting mod that has been improved in the latest release. It is a modified version of the old FIFA Street Series, allowing players to fight in different formats.

Online Friendly, Co-op, Pro Club, and Ultimate Team will be bugged until maintenance ends.

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