MrBeast shared a screenshot that shows Elon Musk subscribing to him

YouTube star Jimmy “MrBeast” is going viral once again, this time on Twitter, after he shared a screenshot showing that Elon Musk has subscribed to him on the platform.

The tweet positively went viral, garnering over three million views within an hour of being posted. Fans were overjoyed to see Mr. Beast joke about Musk being paid $5 a month as a client.

In the tweet, the content creator jokingly questioned Twitter’s chain of command as the platform’s CEO was paying him:

“Elon Musk Is Paying Me $5 a Month Now That He’s Really in Charge”

Elon Musk Is Paying Me $5 a Month Now Who’s Really in Charge

“Biggest flex ever”: Twitter reacts as Elon Musk subscribes to Mr.Beast on Twitter, effectively paying him $5 a month

A dedicated revenue stream for content creators and Twitter Blue was among Elon Musk’s initial ideas for making the platform profitable. The latter was implemented earlier, but drew backlash from several big names, such as LeBron James, who refused to pay a monthly fee for more features on the social media website.

In February 2023, Musk announced that Twitter would share advertising revenue with creators in order to make the platform more attractive to content creators.

Starting today, Twitter will share ad revenue with creators for ads that appear in their reply threads

The company has gradually started allowing creators to opt for a subscription-based model on the platform.

This is something Mr. Beast talked about when he discussed Elon Musk becoming the new Twitter CEO when he decided to put out a poll about stepping down.

In a tweet, the YouTuber said that one of the first things he would do to improve the platform was to make changes to facilitate content creation.

My first order of business, make it where creators actually want to post videos on Twitter, not just link to other platforms

The ad revenue and Twitch-like subscription-based model is clearly Elon Musk’s attempt to create a more content-friendly Twitter. The features have already been rolled out in many countries around the world. A recent post confirmed that users in Japan, Australia, and a few other countries can apply to join the program by checking the monetization options on their profiles.

Creators can now sign up and earn a living directly on Twitter in Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Tap “Monetization” in Settings to apply today.

twitter reactions

The idea of ​​Elon Musk having a creator membership on his platform and paying for it out of his own pocket was amusing to a lot of people. Many thought this was quite a “flex” for Mr. Beast.

@MrBeast Biggest flex I’ve ever seen…

One person joked about Musk helping small content creators:

@MrBeast Elon Musk is helping up-and-coming creators >>> 🥺❤️

Several people noted that the mobile application sent push notifications about subscribing to MrBeast.

Looks like Twitter is testing sending notifications to people to push subscriptions

@MrBeast bro i got a push notification like my phone was trying to warn me that a tornado is about to blow my house down

Some fans joked about the YouTuber becoming the official CEO of the platform:

@MrBeast They don’t call you the super official CEO for nothing

@MrBeast This is our super official Twitter CEO!

Here are some more responses:

@MrBeast Is it a crazy idea to host a contest on Twitter and give away all subscription proceeds?!? @MrBeast @Elon Musk

Content creation has become the name of the game. With another big player entering the space, creators will have plenty of options to push their content.

Here’s a public discussion that Elon Musk had with the former head of YouTube Gaming about the pros and cons of Twitter in terms of being a viable platform for content consumption.

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