Burning Shores DLC endings and how to get them

Burning Shores, the highly anticipated DLC for Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games’ open-world action role-playing game, is finally out, giving players the newest and arguably most important part of Aloy’s journey and her quest to save humanity. Allows you to delve into the chapter. From the wrath of evil machines. Available exclusively for PlayStation 5, it continues Aloy’s story following the conclusion of the final questline in the base game.

The game allows the players to venture into a completely new part of the game map, meet with new allies, and face new and much more terrifying threats. Being a role-playing game at heart, there are plenty of options (some small and others rather substantial) in terms of both gameplay as well as narrative.

While other choices may seem unimportant, the choices you make in the game’s epilogue are quite significant, in terms of gameplay as well as story, and are the defining factor for the true ending of the DLC.

All End of Horizon Forbidden West: The Burning Edge DLC

There are a total of three possible endings you can find in the Burning Shores DLC. The previous title (Horizon Zero Dawn), its DLC (Frozen Wilds) and even the end of the base game focused on Aloy’s ambitions as well as her desire to save humanity and those she calls friends. I went. Aloy’s story rarely focused on her individual character arc, something that has been addressed to an extent with the DLC.


The ending in the Burning Shores DLC focuses entirely on Aloy’s personal journey as an individual and how she chooses to spend the rest of her life, whether in solidarity (as before) or in the company of someone special. The DLC’s epilogue begins after Horus, Metal Devil, and Londra are defeated, the new Zenith threat that Aloy has been warned about by Silence.

After completing the last main story mission of the DLC, you are free to either tackle any remaining side quests or start the epilogue by talking to Seika, a new companion and fierce queen warrior whom Aloys meets and the DLC Instill a certain hobby in me. ,

Once you start the epilogue, you’ll be given three dialogue options, each corresponding to one of three possible endings for the DLC.


During a conversation with Sayaka, she expresses her love and affection for Aloy and wants to know if Aloy shares the same feelings for her and whether she wants to be with him.

For this, you are given three different responses, each with its own unique ending cutscene and dialogue.

Here’s a breakdown of all three dialogue options:

  • yes I do: This choice causes Aloy to embrace his love for Seika, saying goodbye to her, before departing west.
  • I’m not ready for: This choice leads Aloy to embrace his adoration for Seika, but expresses his unwillingness to engage in any relationship with her.
  • this is too much for me: This choice causes Aloy to express his love for Seika, but his desire to live in seclusion as he always has.


It will be really interesting to see what Guerrilla Games and the future holds for Aloy’s story, especially with the three endings of the Burning Shores DLC.

The Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West is now available exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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