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The latest FIFA Mobile update introduced several changes to the game. EA Sports has made these changes to enrich the football gaming experience for players around the world.

These changes include a new currency in Division Rivals called the Challenger Token. Those who play VS Attack, H2H, or Manager mode matches can receive Challenger Tokens, which can be exchanged for various cards or packs in the store.

Packs are available in exchange for Challenger Tokens in FIFA Mobile


There are several packs in the in-game store that contain great player cards as well as other items. Here is an overview of the packs available in exchange for Challenger Tokens:

challenger rank up pack – 300 Training Transfer Tokens: Requires 150 Challenger Tokens (Limited to 30 purchases per 30 days)

TOTW Player Pack – Random TOTW 102 or higher-rated player card: requires 200 Challenger Tokens

TOTW Player Pack Plus – Random TOTW 103 or higher-rated player card: requires 400 Challenger Tokens

Challenger Prize I – Random 106 or higher-rated player card: requires 1500 Challenger Tokens (limited to one purchase per week)

Challenger Prize II – Random 109-Rated Player Card: Requires 4000 Challenger Tokens (limited to one purchase every 30 days)

Challenger Prize III – Random 110-Rated Player Card: Requires 10000 Challenger Tokens

Challenger Prize IV – Random 111-Rated Player Card: Requires three Winners Trophy tokens

Players should remember that Winners Trophy Tokens are extremely rare items and can only be redeemed after completing the Division Rivals season in the FIFA Champion I Category. Therefore, he would need to grind through three seasons to get his hands on the 111-rated card Challenger Rewards IV.

In addition, the player cards in the Team of the Week pack will change every week according to the available TOTW player cards.

Note: The above information may change in the future if EA Sports makes any changes to the Division Rivals section in FIFA Mobile.

How to exchange Challenger Tokens in FIFA Mobile


As mentioned earlier, Challenger Tokens can be exchanged to obtain great player cards or packs in FIFA Mobile. Here’s a look at the steps you can follow to exchange your Challenger Tokens and get the exclusive pack:

step 1: Log in to FIFA Mobile using your preferred social media handle (Facebook, Google Play Games, Apple Account, Game Center).

step 2: Click on the Store section in the lower-right corner of the home screen.

step 3: Navigate your way to the Event Shop section.

step 4: Click on the Division Rivals option and buy a pack by exchanging Challenger Tokens.

Since all cards (obtained by exchanging Challenger Tokens) will have increased stats, they can be added directly to any FIFA Mobile player’s squad.

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