Andrea Botez Says She Will Never “Fight Again” After Losing To Michelle Khare

Popular chess streamer Andrea Botez, who recently suffered a loss to Michel Khare in the latest Creators Clash 2 event on April 16, has announced that he has no intention of returning to the boxing ring. The decision comes after her second fight against WGM Dina Belenkaya at the Mogul Chessboxing event, scheduled for December 2022.

Andrea Botez said that despite not being injured by Michel Khare, he has decided not to continue boxing because he finds it too violent. He announced:

“I will never fight again”


Andrea Botez takes on Michelle Khare’s recent loss at Creator Clash 2

The Creator Clash event brings together multiple creators in one place as they compete against each other and raise money for charity. In this year’s event, Andrea Botez faces off against Michelle Khare, a YouTuber and former professional cyclist. Reflecting on his defeat, Andrea said:

“I’ll never fight again though. It was terrible to see people’s ribs break. He didn’t really hurt me, so I’m chilling. He dabbed, but he’s had a year of training on me, so his For two months, for someone who has boxed for a whole year and for the rest of their life as a professional athlete, I’m not too crazy.”

He further said:

“But I’ll never do it again because it was too violent and I don’t like violence, even if I broke his nose.”

She concluded by saying that she was going to react to the fight on her stream sometime later.

here’s what fans said

Viewers left positive comments in the comments section of the YouTube video, applauding Andrea for going up against an opponent who had months of training. Here are some of the top reactions:

Andrea Botez's decision was met with encouraging comments (Picture via BotezLIVE fan club YouTube)
Andrea Botez’s decision was met with encouraging comments (Image via BotezLIVE fan club YouTube)


The battle between Andrea and Michele was not without controversy. Prior to the event, Andrea’s older sister, Alexandra Botez, used her own stream to oust Michelle for concealing the fact that she had been training for a year. Alexandra believed this was unfair to her sister Andrea, who had only been training for two months. Fortunately, both the parties escaped unhurt.

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