5 Reasons Why Adam Driver Would Make A Great Mister Fantastic In The MCU

It’s been eight years since Marvel’s Fantastic Four hit the big screen, and the upcoming reboot has fans speculating about who should play the original superhero team in the MCU. Earlier today, rumors suggested that Adam Driver is in final talks to portray Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic. As of this time, none of the major Hollywood trade publications have picked up on the news. But if that’s really what’s happening, it’s a fantastic Like (pun intended).

John Krasinski portrays an alternate version of Mister Fantastic Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and he was previously fan-cast in the role. Miles Teller was the last actor to star as Reed in 2015. Fantastic Four, and Ioan Gruffudd had preceded him in the role a decade earlier. if driver goes to headline 2025 Fantastic Four reboot, here are five reasons why he’d make a great Mister Fantastic.

1. Star Power

Adam Driver in The Last Duel.

Fantastic Four It takes a real star to hold the film together. Mister Fantastic may not be as flashy a character as the Thing or the Human Torch, but he is a key character on that team. Driver has yet to become a box office draw on its own, but it has considerable experience headlining feature films, including: final duelAs seen above.

Real screen presence is needed to play a movie, especially one like a blockbuster movie. Fantastic Four, Having Driver at the center of the film will give it a strong core, and if he does sign it will take his stardom to the next level.

2. Driver is a great actor

marriage story on netflix

if you’ve ever seen marriage story On Netflix, so you know Driver has some serious dramatic range. In that film, Driver played Charlie Barber, who is on the verge of a very ugly divorce from his wife, Nicole (Scarlett Johansson). While Charlie is quite reserved at the beginning of the film, his anger explodes as his marriage crumbles before his eyes.

The intensity of the driver was terrifying, and while we doubt that the driver would have to push his performance so hard Fantastic Four film, demonstrating that he can handle almost anything thrown his way.

3. Adam Driver: Action Hero?

A scene from 65 featuring Adam Driver.

If you’re going to star in a Marvel movie, it helps if you’ve been in action movies before. After portraying the villain Kylo Ren in star wars The sequel trilogy, Driver has taken steps to enhance his solo action credentials. Until recently, the leading role of the driver was 65 As Commander Mills, a man who finds himself trapped in the distant past and forced to fight rampaging dinosaurs in order to survive.

Before making it big in Hollywood, Driver was also a Lance Corporal in the US Marine Corps. This is another reason why he is so convincing when it comes to portraying action on the big screen.

4. He can balance light and dark

A scene from Girls featuring Adam Driver.

After taking on so many heavy roles in movies, it’s easy to forget that Driver’s breakout performance was for his role as Adam Sackler on the HBO comedy series girls, As the boyfriend of Lena Dunham’s Hannah Helen Horvath, Driver wasn’t afraid to make himself look silly or pathetic. Driver shows off more of his comedy skills when he guest-hosts Saturday night Live and reprized his role as Kylo Ren in an absolutely hysterical parody undercover Boss,

This is important because Reed Richards isn’t just a stoic scientist type. Reed has a sense of humor, even if he doesn’t always realize he’s funny. And that humor goes a long way toward establishing warm feelings for Reid’s heart and the rest of his team.

5. Driver’s Mr. Fantastic Could Be Sue Storm’s Reliable Romantic Partner

Mia Wasikowska and Adam Driver in Tracks.

For all its superhero pageantry, Fantastic Four is about a family. It is also the love story of Reed Richards and his future wife, Susan Storm. Because Reid can be so reserved, and at times emotionally distant, the actor portraying Mister Fantastic on-screen has to not only embody those qualities, but exemplify those things. Also has to work which is what Sue likes about her.

so the driver’s experience is in movies like the tracks If he participates, it will come in handy. also his roles in marriage story And girls This will help him shape his character when he will be playing the role of an imperfect man in love. But Reed doesn’t have to be perfect to win Sue’s heart. All she has to do is find a good person who is willing to share his life with her. From there, a heroic family dynasty is on the horizon.

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