The Great Netflix Password Crackdown Is Still Happening

To say that Netflix has pretty much confused everyone with its promise to end password sharing would be an understatement. It has started in a handful of countries, but with varying regulations. And we still don’t have details on how it’ll work in the U.S.

But make no mistake: It’s still happening. Netflix In its first quarter 2023 earnings release said: “We are pleased with the most recent launch of payment sharing, and while we could broadly launch [the first quarter]we’ve got opportunities to improve the members’ experience.” It didn’t elaborate on what those opportunities for improvement were, but it noted that we should still expect a “broad launch” in the second quarter of the year — another In words, any time now, and no later than the end of June.

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“We learn more with each rollout, and we’ve incorporated the latest learnings that we think will drive better results,” the company said, and “we believe this will be better for both our members and our business.” Will give results.” ,

Fair enough. But we still don’t really know how it will work here. Netflix previously said that more than 100 million families were sharing accounts. In 2022, it launched a test program in which accounts could pay more – about $6 per month – to allow two other users to use the same account without actually living with the account holder. While many may consider this double-dipping, it at least gives a relatively inexpensive way to, for example, allow a college student to still watch Netflix without having to pay for their own account.

So maybe that’s what we’ll see from Netflix in the next month or two. Or maybe we’ll find something entirely new, like a student discount tied to a university address.

But stay tuned. He’s coming.

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