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As soon as mean Girls Released in 2004, the coming-of-age film became an instant sensation and has remained a pop culture landmark ever since, with head writer Tina Fey and producer Lorne Michaels debuting a musical inspired by the film in 2017. Now, things are coming full circle as the pair are now making a film adaptation of the hit Broadway show.

“I’m so excited to bring mean Girls Back on the big screen,” Fay said in a statement When the film was announced in January 2020. I have spent 16 years with these characters now. They are my Marvel Universe and I love them dearly. Fay will once again take up writing duties while her husband is still alive. Jeff Richmond, who composed the music Will also return for the film, which is being co-directed by Samantha Jayne and Arturo Pérez Jr., for the Broadway production.

mean Girls It opened on Broadway in April 2018 after six months of a trial run in Washington, D.C. and has been nominated for 11 Tony Awards. Whereas mean Girls Making young actors Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Seyfried even bigger stars, the musical film adaptation will bring together a new generation of triple-threat stars to fill the iconic shoes of Caddy, Regina, and every memorable North Shore student. However, as McAdams tells Bustle, the possibility of a return to the OG plastic isn’t out of the question.

For the adults, some of your favorite teachers are set to return, but many A-list stars are filling their shoes, with one Office Stepping Star as Cady’s Mother and A mad man sTarr plays the most problematic teacher in the school. here’s everything to know Mean Girls: The Musical,

Mean Girls: The Musical mold

On February 17, Fey announced that she would be returning to North Shore High. Mean Girls: The Musical, reprising her role as “pushover” teacher Ms. Norbury, and Tim Meadows will return as everyone’s favorite principal, Mr. Duvall. during an appearance Late Night with Seth Meyers, She joked that, unlike the students, they are not too old to reprise their characters. “We can’t age – teachers work forever,” she said. “I want it to be like Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island was at a trade show and you say, ‘Oh, he looks so old in his little hat.’ that’s my goal.”

However, not every North Shore faculty member will be a familiar face, and the same goes for parents of students. Deadline reported on February 28 that Office star jenna fisher Cady was cast to play Heron’s mother, a role originally played by Ana Gasteyer. The next day, the outlet announced busy phillips Regina will play the iconic “cool mom” June, who was famously portrayed by Amy Poehler in the 2004 film. On March 24, hollywood reporter declare Jon Hamm will play Coach CarrCreepy and sweaty gym teacher who can’t teach sex education to save his life, while search party Actor Connor Ratliff will play Mr. Rapp, another North Shore teacher.

Emily in Paris star Ashley Park, who originated the role of Gretchen on Broadway, will also appear in the filmAccording to the report of March 3. However, she will not be reprising her Tony-nominated role, and details about her cameo are being kept under wraps.

in december, the first Mean Girls: The Musical The cast members were announced. sex life of college girls Renee Rapp will reprise her role of Regina George in the film after playing the character on Broadway. Spider Man star Angoori Rice will play Cady Heron, Moana star Auli’i Cravalho set to play Janice Ian and on Broadway a weird loop star Jacquell Spivey Damian Leigh will play. In February, it was announced the summer i turn pretty actor Christopher Briney Aaron Samuels will appear as, love, victor star Babe Wood is set to play Gretchen Weiner, and senior year Actress Avantika Vandana will play the role of Karen Smith. On 22 March, it was announced that newcomer Mahi Alam would be portraying mathlete rapper kevin gnapurWhich was played by Rajeev Surendra in the original film.

The only major role that has not yet been announced is that of Cady’s father, played by Neil Flynn.

Will The OG Plastic Return To Music?

In November 2022, Lohan and Seyfried talked about Mean Girls: The Musical in a facility for Interview And it appears that he has no interest in getting involved. “I heard about it being some musical movie and I was like, ‘Oh no.’ We can’t do it.” It should be the same tone,” Lohan told Seyfried, to which she replied, “Yeah, it would be totally different.”

However, his tone seems to have changed. On February 22, page six reported that Lohan, McAdams, Seyfried and Lacey Chabert were all in talks with appear in Mean Girls: The Musical, but were reportedly feuding with the studio over “outrageous” salary offers. “Paramount Pictures doesn’t want to pay the girls what they deserve,” a “highly placed production source” told the outlet. “All four girls were willing to come back, but Paramount didn’t give them the respect they deserve.” The outlet said that McAdams was offered a bigger role than the other three women, but that talks “stalled” for that deal as well.

In a Bustle cover story published on April 18, McAdams told Bustle that she’d be open to appearing in the musical if Fey could write the part for herself and her fellow Plastics, though she wasn’t sure how. Will be fit We don’t see any way to kick off the shoes,” she says. “If Tina [Fey] Can figure it out, I’m there, sure.

Seyfried confirmed that all four actors were interested in starring in the musical on the red carpet of the 2023 SAG Awards on February 26, but indicated that their returns hinged on other factors. “I’m still hoping for a miracle, but it’s not really up to us, is it?” she told Entertainment Tonight. “All four of us are 100% into it.” He also has an idea of ​​who they can play in the musical. “Well, since Renee is playing Regina, Rachel won’t be playing Regina, she’ll be playing someone else. Maybe our characters’ mothers? She guessed.” Haven’t seen it.”

Mean Girls: The Musical tentative release date

as confirmed by Fay late nightThe production of the film is scheduled to begin on 6 March. Film and Television Industry Alliance has also confirmed this Mean Girls: The Musical would like shoot in new jersey from 6 March to 19 April, although this does not include any footage that may have been filmed elsewhere. Paramount hasn’t announced an exact release date yet, but given the tight production schedule, it’s possible fans will be able to see before late 2023 or early 2024.

Mean Girls: The Musical trailer

Considering that the production of the film is yet to begin, the trailer for Mean Girls: The Musical is very far.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available Mean Girls: The Musical are declared.

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