This smart workout mirror with weights costs $1,750

Fitness enthusiasts will love this deal at Best Buy, which sees the Tempo Studio with a 42-inch HD touchscreen display as a starter and extended accessory pack. The bundle adds up to an impressive set of home workout hardware, and is marked down to $1,750. It would normally cost $2,750, so that $1,000 sale price really makes it worth considering. The Tempo Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack is available only at Best Buy, and free shipping is included with your purchase.

Why you should get the Tempo Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack

While Tempo Studio doesn’t make the list of smart workout mirrors Best exercise technology, this is one of the best smart workout mirrors available. This includes when you compare mirror and tempo with smart workout mirror ideas as well as tonal and tempo. The Tempo Studio Smart Workout Mirror features a 42-inch high definition touch screen, which makes it possible to work up a sweat in any available space in your home. Expert coaches will be on hand to guide you through every workout, and once you’ve set your fitness goals, Tempo offers hundreds of live and on-demand classes including strength training, mobility, HIIT and more Are.

In addition to the Tempo Studio Smart Workout Mirror, the Tempo Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack includes a host of accessories. A 25-pound Olympic grade barbell is part of the ensemble, as are two collars, a wireless heart rate monitor and charger, and a high-density foam roller. AI-powered weight guidance is part of the smart feature set included in this bundle, and using 3D vision in conjunction with AI, the smart mirror is able to track and record individual metrics to help you stay safe with every workout can help you make progress. These include form correction, rep targeting, intensity adjustments and progress tracking. The Tempo Studio Smart Workout Mirror offers Apple Watch integration, and the Tempo app is available across devices.

While the Tempo Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack would regularly set you back $2,750, today it’s marked down to just $1,000 at Best Buy. That’s a huge $1,750 savings, and free shipping is included with your purchase. You can also pick it up at your nearest Best Buy where availability permits.

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