The feature you want to emphasize when you have a narrow face

We know that natural looking brows take a little skill. but it’s worth it. When you fill in your brows properly, your face gets fuller, making them look deep and bold. We’re not saying you need to sport dense brows for volume, though. Instead, give some love to adding a few brows. While you’re at it, extend them outward a bit. Broadening your brows adds width to your face and helps slim down the jawline in the process—usually the goal of someone with a narrow face shape.

With practice, you’ll be able to find the right eyebrow shape for your face. Finally, a bold brow helps play up the eye area. Amazingly, adding height to the face helps reduce its length. When you add interest to your eyes and brows, the observer’s gaze naturally moves upward. By focusing on the upper third of your face, the length and narrowness become much less apparent. Also, you can try out trendy and exciting eye makeup techniques in your look to play up your peepers. Who wouldn’t want to?

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