One sentence describes every season and movie of ‘Sex and the City’

Are Carrie and Aidan Endgame? What about Che Diaz (Hey!) and Miranda? And has anyone checked on Steve? these are some pressing questions And just like that… Season 2 will be tasked with answering when sex and the City The sequel series returns to HBO Max, possibly later this year. But if you’re tired of waiting, now’s the time to splurge sex and the City History. After all, the show turns 25 this summer!

Thankfully, the original run consisted of half-hour episodes — but if it’s been a while, or you’ve watched a lot of late night E! reruns, it can be difficult to keep track of what happened and when. So if you need a handy guide to all the romances, rebounds, babies, breakups, and weddings, we’ve got you covered. every season here sex and the City described in one sentence – plus one for each movie and And just like that… session 1.

session 1

Although her friends don’t have a serious partner yet (Charlotte really wants one!), Carrie meets Mr. Big on the street and has a relationship with him until he ends things when he commits. Cannot be done.

season 2

Miranda begins seeing Steve, while Carrie and Big reconnect – but he moves to Paris for work and becomes engaged to Natasha.

season 3

Carrie begins dating Aidan, but once she learns that he is having an affair with Big, they break up – and the split results in Charlotte’s marriage to Trey, whom she married in the first episode. Found in a whirlwind romance.

season 4

Carrie and Aidan give their relationship a second chance, but it (again) doesn’t work out – while Miranda has a child with Steve, Charlotte and Trey split after struggling to conceive, and Samantha begins a serious relationship with Richard.

season 5

Samantha and Richard break up, Charlotte begins seeing her divorce lawyer, Harry, and Carrie lands a book deal and begins dating a fellow author, Berger (shudder).

season 6

Berger breaks up with Carrie via a Post-It note, and she becomes serious with a Russian artist, even before realizing she’s happy at home (and with Big). They move to Paris together – while Charlotte and Harry marry and adopt a child, Miranda and Steve marry and buy a house, and Samantha is diagnosed with breast cancer while seeing her client and rising actor, Smith Jerrod. Gets treated.

sex and the City (Film)

Carrie and Big plan a wedding which he abandons at the last minute (surprise!) before finally exchanging hands in a small ceremony later, and during this time, Charlotte is pregnant and with Harry. welcomes a baby boy, Samantha breaks up amicably. Smith and Miranda reunite after Steve cheats on her.

sex and the city 2

During a trip to Abu Dhabi, Carrie bumps into Aidan, and they share a kiss as she has been feeling stagnant with Big lately, but they make up – and elsewhere, Samantha overcomes hormonal changes. Charlotte deals with the stresses of motherhood, and Miranda leaves her law firm for a better work-life balance.

And just like that… session 1

Carrie hosts a podcast with Che Diaz and mourns the shocking loss of Mr. Big, Miranda leaves Steve for Che, Charlotte reacts to her baby Rock’s gender identity journey, and is said to Samantha was working in London after Carey decided not to become her client. anymore.

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