Memes and Tweets About ‘Love Is Blind’ Live Reunion Delay on Netflix

As it turns out, love isn’t always patient. after the first postponement Love Is Blind: The Live ReunionThere was a significant delay in the Netflix feed. Without offering an explanation for the late start, the streamer attempts to fill the dead air by promising the reunion will happen. worth the wait – Because Irina Solomonova is there and ready to spill the tea. Despite first announcing a delay of only 15 minutes, the event was still “loading” for over an hour. Naturally, Twitter users had a lot to say on the matter.

A popular initial assessment redeemed the streaming giant for not being able to pull off”what did cable do for years,” as one user said, while others pointed out that Netflix is ​​still membership price increaseEven then. In fact, many of those who weren’t waiting patiently to stream the reunion had HBO already set up viewing appointments. succession, Barry, and other broadcast favorites. Naturally, some networks joined in the fun too. joke on bravo’s twitter account That they’ll never keep fans waiting for a reunion.

even Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocked the snafu, prompting Netflix to enlist the help of a seamstress on Brett Brown’s wedding day to save the day. Others came up with fantasy scenarios of what might be going on behind the scenes – from Irina cutting the wires. A la Edward Scissorhands to a dramatic backstage breakup between Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah.

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