Memes and Tweets about Irina at the ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion

Irina Solomonova didn’t give it away love is blind Season 4, things end with Zack Goytowski shortly after their engagement. However, her behavior towards Zack and his fellow podmates was the subject of much discourse throughout Season 4, so fans have naturally been waiting for her to face the drama on April 16. love is blind Reunion – And that, she did. In case you missed all or part of the reunion due to the much-publicized delay (which lasted over an hour!), here’s what happened.

During the special, Jack said that Irina never took their relationship seriously. “If we’re being real, you went on this show to be famous,” he said. Jack also claimed that viewers only saw 10% of Irina’s harmful behavior. “So many things happened that were unbelievable.”

Despite the drama, Zack states that he completely forgives Irina – giving the audience a Post “Receipts” On her Instagram that was actually a story about forgiveness in her own challenging relationship with her mother. “Grace is not justified,” he wrote. “But if we choose to give it every day, we make the world a better place for everyone.” Bliss Pouritejadi also voiced her hurt over Irina’s “malicious” actions, but said she had gone further than that.

The reunion settled any questions about the love triangle of Jack, Irina, and Bliss. But fans weren’t so quick to forgive and they had a lot to say about Irina being ousted.

Irina spoke after the taping entertainment tonight about the harsh reaction from the audience – which included booing. “It was difficult to experience,” she said. “And I’m just sitting there, crying, sobbing a little bit, and they didn’t show it, but I was like, ‘Dude, we’re all just human. We all just take this life one fucking day at a time. Trying to get through.'”

Irina also admitted that fans’ demand for her inevitable hot-seat moment may have contributed to the night’s technical difficulties. (Fans who didn’t make it to the special night-off had to wait for after noon to tune in.)

“I think people were really excited to see me get roasted, so the servers were backed up. They got what they wanted,” she said. “I think I deserved it a little bit, and I hope people feel the peace they wanted to feel.”

She told the outlet that she was working on herself and “wasn’t going to let these three weeks … define the rest.” [her] life.”

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