Did Paul Kick Micah’s Friend’s Butt On ‘Love Is Blind’? he cleared the rumor

while many love is blind Season 4 relationships burned before the altar, with Paul Peden and Micah Lussier making it to their nuptials. They eventually broke up on the big day, though. Micah asks Paul to say “I do” (or “I don’t”) first, and he says the timing was not right. “I love you, but I don’t think we can choose each other right now,” he said. “I guess we’re not there.”

Mika said she knew the answer was coming, explaining that she “never felt safe” in their relationship. After walking away at the altar, the pair had an emotional moment and Paul shared a goodbye hug before walking away from Micah and her bridesmaids. Analyzing the scene on social media, many onlookers were surprised Did Paul tap the bridesmaids’ butts on their way out? Part of Paul’s exit was obscured by filming angles, as Micah’s mother went to comfort her daughter. tiktok user @thegabbi.rielle Said, “If he needs to say ‘excuse me,’ then the hip is not the right place to put his hand.”

As it garnered millions of views on social media, Paul addressed the rumors in the comments of his own TikTok video. In response to a user suggestion, “He was with Mika’s friend [because] you see her touching her ass [the] marriage,” Paul said that the rumor was “seriously reaching.”

“You’re crazy if you think I’d slap a random girls ass (who I don’t even know) during the most painful moment in my relationship,” he continued in another comment.

Paul was also asked about the viral moment love is blind Reunion on 16 April, where he gave the same explanation. He said, “To say it was anything other than me admitting that I was pushing back after bumping into his shoulder is really preposterous.” “I really just [was] Heading out the door and pointing, Hey, sorry, I bumped into you.

While Paul moves on from that rumor, he has to face another side of himself and Micah. love is blind Journey during the Reunion Special. When Paul said that he could not see Micah as a mother, and lacked a “nurturing aspect”, Micah cried, saying, “It was the worst thing that could have been said about me.”

“I think I behaved really unfairly towards her. It was not a reflection of what she was capable of,” Paul explained, clarifying that he could not see them being parents together .

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