Are Josh & Jackie Still Together After ‘Love Is Blind’? they didn’t go to the reunion

Bonds accepts Marshall Glaze’s offer after Jacqueline “Jackie” love is blind season 4 pod, she said that she would “really have to own up” if she was going to be with a man like him. Although their relationship was solid in Mexico, she was telling His to “boss up” after returning to Seattle. Despite Jackie’s first meeting with Marshall’s sister, brother-in-law and niece, their relationship soon soured.

“At this moment, this whole relationship with Jackie is very bleak,” Marshall explained to the cameras as he returned to his apartment after spending some time alone. “The other night she says I need to be the boss. The way he made me feel in that moment when he said I wasn’t a man, that I wasn’t doing adult stuff… I left.

Once they are back inside their house, they find Jackie packing her belongings. An intense argument ensued, during which she reiterated that he needed to be more aggressive in the bedroom. Things escalated further when Marshall referred to Jackie as his “project”, but she ended the scene in tears. Still, the marketing manager didn’t know where he stood when he arrived at co-star Chelsea Griffin’s birthday party, which took place just 10 days before their wedding.

In a “final plot twist”, as Brett Brown put it, Jackie’s other pod love interest, Josh Demas, showed up at the party. “I came here trying to find love, and I screwed up. But I was really in love with Jackie, and I was scared of, like, really putting myself out there,” Josh said. explained to Paul Peden, “Marshall’s a nice guy, but I’m good at stirring the pot, mother*s.” After a bizarre conversation with Marshall, during which he refers to himself as “Mr. Steal your girl,” Josh approaches Jackie for a face-to-face conversation.

“If you really think you’re going to go up and talk to Marshall and be like ‘Yo, I do,’ then f*ck,” he told her. “But if I left here without telling you how I feel, what kind of man would I be? … If you’re going to marry someone, you’re going to marry someone. But if you don’t feel like, in your heart of hearts, you’re actually going to marry someone, choose me.


Although he does not give her an answer, Jacqui decides to go to her wedding dress fitting to meet Josh instead. He came armed with roses and again confessed his feelings, saying that he loved her and wanted to be together. Jacqui confesses that she was attracted to Josh and could see herself marrying him – although not in the near future. By the end of their conversation, she has decided to “see where things go” with him, and they kiss before leaving to break the news to Marshall.

In a pre-premiere interview with Bustle, Jackie teased that viewers “just need to tune in and find out” if she and Josh pursued a romance. love is blind, but he already screwed up the answer. A TikTok user was spotted in early April 2023 Jackie and Josh together At a Seattle Mariners game, it appears to confirm that they are still together.

Although neither Jackie nor Josh appeared for love is blind Live reunion on April 16, she cleared all doubts their relationship status Same day “Josh and I are together. We’ve moved in, and we’re starting our lives,” Jackie explained People, “I did what was right for me. I was simple. Well, I was simple in the breakup, but maybe I wasn’t that simple in the relationship. But I have no regrets. The only regret I have is that I lost Josh in the pods.” Didn’t have that last conversation with. That’s all I regret.”

in a separate interview with entertainment tonightJackie repeated that She and Josh are “still going strong”. And he “hangs out with.” [her] family all the time. Meanwhile, she called her time with Marshall “more of a friend’s relationship”, accusing him of making “some disparaging” and “quite derogatory” comments against her. “I took it like, ‘Well, you’ve already said what you had to say, so I’m cool. I don’t need to be in this relationship anymore,'” she explained. “And that’s when I It was like, ‘I’ll go ahead and do me’ … There were some humiliating things that happened off camera and I’m the type of woman that I’m not going to put up with no disrespect. You.”

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