5 Best Beauty Tools of 2023

It’s truly amazing how far we’ve come with at-home beauty tools. While we’ll still be waiting for that automatic makeup-applying compact à la fifth element (any day now, channel), sometimes it feels like we’re living in a sci-fi movie with all the gizmos and gadgets we have at our fingertips — handheld machines that either only a decade ago would have seen Doctor Who or completely unfathomable for generations before us. Vibrational therapy, pain-reducing LEDs, cordless heat tools – tools that either supercharge existing systems or simplify age-old beauty rituals, helping to put the excitement back into our daily routines and the products that enhance The ones we already know and love. Ahead, discover Bustle’s best beauty tools of the year.

Best hair tools for straight and wavy hair

This cord-free curling iron is proof that our beauty routines are living in the year 2100. No more awkward maneuvering to try and avoid heavy cords as you’re trying to get those hard-to-reach pieces behind your head. With a wave of this magic wand, you can freely move your hands to move wherever you need. The rechargeable battery provides up to 40 minutes of styling on a single charge while the curling iron offers three heat settings and a nano silver tourmaline barrel for consistent and even styling. Celebrity colorist, hairstylist, and guest judge Reece Walker calls it “perfect for on set and on the go—I love how handy and portable it is,” while BDG staffer Panita Chanrasmi-Lefebvre recommends the cordless wand Explained the convenience of and USB charger for international travel.

Best hair tools for curly and frizzy hair

This wand is a sleek object of art that will dazzle your vanity as it adds definition to curls and coils that need some extra oomph. Testers were wowed with its rapid heating action and its ability to create tight curls that last for days in as little as three seconds—all without excessive heat damage to hair thanks to a self-regulating ceramic barrel that Maintains 365 degree temperature. , “This thin wand is great for defining curls that won’t quite curl or twisting to rock a straighter texture,” says celebrity hairstylist and guest judge Naemah Lafond. “I love using it on blown-out, textured hair for a glam look.”

Best Hi-Tech Face Tool

Face tools have a tendency to make a lot of promises that they can only partially deliver on. However, TheraBody’s TheraFace Pro is the rare at-home technology that really is as good as it sounds. The multi-tasking device combines facial massage with LED light treatments, skin-toning microcurrents, and more thorough cleansing via a variety of interchangeable attachments. “It’s the only skincare tool I’ve found that really does it all—and does it all well,” says Rachel Lapidos, BDG senior beauty and lifestyle editor. “If you’re only going to buy one tech-y beauty tool, this is your Holy Grail.”

Best Body Tool

This heavy wearable looks like something you’d find on your doorstep after a late night, alcohol-fueled “as seen on TV” shopping binge, but don’t let its somewhat goofy appearance fool you — once you’ve got yourself Tie it up and turn it over, all your doubts will be cleared as well as almost every ache and pain you will have to face. The Body Belt uses a mix of infrared, red light therapy, and pulsed electromagnetic fields to relieve tension and soothe sore spots like nothing our testers have ever seen. “I was a little taken aback by this product when I first opened it as it seemed like it would be a scam – it has over 40 pockets filled with different colored crystals and tiny ceramic beads, as well as six infrared circles that closely resemble the kind of red plastic reflectors you’ll see on a bicycle,” explains BDG employee Abby Labbett. “However, I was pleasantly surprised that it heated up quickly and helped ease my lower back pain.”

Best for Dermaplaning

This handheld exfoliating tool is proof that the most high-tech solution isn’t always the better option. Our testers reported that this manual dermaplaning wand removes peach fuzz, boosts your glow, and leaves skin smooth and soft just as well as their more expensive electric versions. “I have an expensive electric dermaplaner that I love, so I was skeptical of a hand-operated, affordable option,” says Sarah Aswell, BDG employee. “Welp, this tool does the exact same job I paid a lot for – and it has more affordable blades and takes up less space. I use it weekly and always love that it cleans my face How it looks and feels.” Rachel Lapidos, BDG senior beauty and lifestyle editor, says, “Schick’s razors feel really gentle and make detangling my peach fuzz a non-irritating cinch. My face is like butter afterwards.

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