Grand Cosmetics’ pro-favorite brow and lash products are on sale now (for a limited time).

It’s that time of year again — the thrice annual Sephora Insider Beauty Sale. Starting April 14 for Rouge members and starting April 18 for VIB and Insider members, you can save between 10% and 20% on all your favorite products and even take the chance to try something new. Can Insiders get 10% off, VIBs get 15% off, and Rouge members get 20% off Now is the perfect time to try it Grande Cosmetics’ Best-Selling Lash & Brow ProductsWhich rarely go on sale.

Like used (and loved) by celebs. Jennifer Aniston, Hailey Bieber and Selena GomezGrande Cosmetics manufactures some of the The Most Innovative and Effective Brow Products on the market. they are The Number One Brand for Lash & Brow Serum in America, According to NPD, and they’ve sold over 10 million tubes of their lash serum since launching in 2008. And their brow products, including the recently launched GrandeBROW-LAMINATE, will help you achieve some of the hottest brow trends of 2023 – read on to find out how.

Grande Cosmetics has a brow (and lash) product for whatever type of look you’re going for, from a full face to a “no-makeup” makeup look. and, best of all, their products Infused with all hair boosting ingredients to help support the health of your brows and lashes for the longest time. While the brand’s line is quite diverse — it also includes makeup, hair products, and lip treatments — they’re best known for their brow and lash products, which countless celebs and beauty experts swear by. To help get you started on your Sephora Beauty Insider Sale journey, here are a handful Grand Cosmetics Top Sellers Worth adding to your cart.

grandbrow brow enhancing serum

grandbrow brow enhancing serum Helps promote stronger, fuller-looking brows with ingredients like amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E. Whether you accidentally went overboard while trying out last year’s brow trends, are restoring the health of your brows after bleaching them, or simply want to fill in any sparse areas of your arches, see quick results. Take Grande’s best-selling brow serum for. The brand notes that you’ll start to see improvement after six to eight weeks of once-daily application, but maximum growth will be reached by week 16, at which point you can start applying the serum every other day. In a 16-week consumer study, 91% of users saw thicker-looking brows – and 100% saw fuller-looking brows.

GrandeBrow 2-in-1 Tinted Brow Gel + Brow Enhancing Serum

Take the Brow Enhancing Serum and Makeup It – Now You Have It GrandeBrow 2 in 1 Tinted Brow Gel + Serum, This product provides the color and hold of a brow gel, but with the brow-enhancing benefits of a serum. The gel comes in four different shades (including auburn) and tints and shapes your brows, giving them a full, fluffy look. But the benefits don’t stop there. nutrient-rich castor oil, which is reportedly mixed with Promotes eyebrow and lash growthAlso helps keep brows full in the long term, with Vitamin E and Beetroot extracts.

GrandeBrow-Laminate Brow Styling Gel

Prefer to have your brows precisely cut? Try the newly launched GrandeBrow-Laminate Brow Styling Gel For hold that will last up to 12 hours. This brow styling gel in a pot gives you a laminated brow look at home for a fraction of the professional price, and holds brows in place all day long while conditioning with peptides. The clear gel works with all skin tones and comes with their dual-ended Pro Brow Styler brush, which features an angled mini spoolie on one side (for applying product) and an angled brush on the other (for precise brow styling). for). The resulting brows look conditioned, fluffed and stay in place all day without feeling stiff or sticky.

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