Are Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson brothers? his theory is no joke

Longtime friends and co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson may have Hollywood’s “great bromance,” but their bond may be much more than that, according to Kelly Ripa. The two actors legitimately think they might be half-brothers, as McConaughey explained on ripa talk off camera podcast on April 11. He put forth his very plausible theory, which centers on the real-life relationship between his mother and Harrelson’s father.

McConaughey, 53, and Harrelson, 61, starred together in the acclaimed HBO drama true Detective Made a deeper friendship in 2014. Their families have also bonded to the extent that they are known to go on vacations together. On one such visit, the two came across information that led them to suspect that they might be biological brothers, beyond only their strong physical resemblance.

“A few years ago in Greece, we were talking about how close we are and our families and so on,” McConaughey explained. “My mom is there, and she says, ‘Woody, I knew your dad.'”

In McConaughey’s mind she didn’t mean she knew him. “Everyone knew about the ellipse that my mother had left knew,” he said. “It knew a full.”

Although it doesn’t seem likely that the brothers got all the information from McConaughey’s mother, they did find out more. He “did some math” and discovered that Harrelson’s father, convicted hitman Charles Woyde Harrelson, was on vacation during a rocky time in McConaughey’s parents’ marriage. “My mom and dad were in their second divorce,” he said, “then there are potential receipts in West Texas for places where there might be a gathering or a meeting … or a knew Moment.”

The Academy Award winner’s parents, James and Mary McConaughey, had a long and unconventional marriage. They married each other three times And they were divorced twice before James died in 1992. During the period that she was divorced, her children would simply think that their mother was on “extended leave”. McConaughey told Eli in 2013. “I don’t think I knew those two holidays were a divorce until after Dad died,” she said. “They were wild, man. They loved tough.

Although McConaughey and Harrelson are curious about their possible biological relationship, they have yet to undergo a DNA test. If they prove to be brothers, it would mean that James was not McConaughey’s father, and gentlemen It is not necessary that the actor is ready for this. Explaining to Ripa why she hasn’t done it yet, she said, “It’s a little hard for me [than Harrelson] ‘Cause he’s asking me to take a chance and go, ‘Wait a minute, you’re trying to tell me my dad can’t be my dad at 53?’ I’ve got a little more skin in the game.

Whether the two are truly half-brothers or not, they are chosen family. They each have three kids who call the other Uncle, their families confuse their photos, and they’ll be starring as versions of themselves in an upcoming Apple TV+ comedy. brother from another mother, McConaughey called the show a “love story” based on the coming together of them and their families and “conflict and comedy”.

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