5 Best Dandruff Shampoos for Frizzy Hair

Regardless of your hair type, dandruff can be difficult to treat — so when it comes to curly hair, which is more prone to dryness, it becomes even trickier to develop an effective treatment plan for your dandruff. Is. “Curly hair is often drier and more prone to breakage because of its unique shape and texture,” hairstylist Michael Duenas tells Bustle. using a Dandruff Shampoo Made for Frizzy Hair Will help your hair stay moisturized even as the product deeply cleanses your scalp and gently exfoliates. The best dandruff shampoos for frizzy hair combine dandruff fighting actives like zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole. and gentle, moisturizing ingredients with salicylic acid.


Michael Duenas is a celebrity hairstylist specializing in curly hair, having trained at Devachan in Soho. His clients include celebrities such as Ilana Glazer and Padma Lakshmi, and brands such as Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta.

Dr. Cheri Frey is a board-certified dermatologist, chair of the Dermatology Section of the National Medical Association, and assistant professor of dermatology at Howard University.

What to Look for in a Dandruff Shampoo for Frizzy Hair

“Dandruff is caused by a combination of factors,” Dueñas explains, such as a buildup of sebum on the scalp and an overgrowth of a type of yeast called Malassezia. “Although this yeast normally lives on the scalp, some people overproduce it or are sensitive to it,” Frey tells Bustle, causing an inflammatory response that causes an itchy, flaky scalp. Treating dandruff may involve both exfoliating the hair follicles and addressing yeast overgrowth on the scalp.

Frey says two of her favorite ingredients to look for in dandruff shampoos are zinc pyrithione, “which helps limit the amount of yeast on the scalp,” and AHAs and BHAs like glycolic acid or salicylic acid. to exfoliate the scalp, “If you have very dry hair or have extensive breakage, you may want to avoid these exfoliants,” Frey warns, “or apply them only to your scalp, and use a deep hydrating conditioner afterward.”

Another effective ingredient to help treat dandruff is tea tree oil, which has been shown to anti-fungal properties, Frey also notes that ketoconazole is a “popular and effective topical anti-fungal,” but shampoos containing ketoconazole also often contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which “can strip textured hair that’s already prone to dryness.” is,” so some people with curly hair may enjoy the benefits of ketoconazole shampoos, while others may find them very isolating.

That’s the catch with finding dandruff shampoos for dry, frizzy hair: Dandruff shampoos can be particularly drying because of their active ingredients, says Dueñas, and that’s not something a person with frizzy hair is looking for. “It’s essential to apply a good conditioner when using a dandruff shampoo,” says Dueñas. Try using your dandruff shampoo just once a week,

Buy the Best Dandruff Shampoo for Frizzy Hair

in a hurry? Here are the best dandruff shampoos for curly hair:

  1. Best Exfoliating Dandruff Shampoo: Livso Moisturizing Shampoo
  2. Best Dandruff Shampoo With Pyrithione Zinc: Head and Shoulders Royal Oils Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  3. Best Dandruff Shampoo With Ketoconazole: Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  4. Best Dandruff Shampoo With Tea Tree: Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo
  5. Best Splurge-Worth Dandruff Shampoo: Leonor Grell Paris Gentle Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

1. Best Exfoliating Dandruff Shampoo

Frey recommends livso, Created by a board-certified dermatologist, for those with curly hair who are struggling with an itchy, flaky scalp. The formula contains glycolic acid that gently exfoliates the scalp, coconut oil Moisturize and condition hairand xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that helps Moisturize hair and combat overgrowth of Malassezia, The product is also sulfate-free, so it shouldn’t dry out your hair or irritate your scalp.

Sulfate Free: Yes Main Ingredients: glycolic acid Shape: 8.5 oz.

Relevant Reviews: “I struggled with scaly scalp all winter and felt I had no choice until I found this. After using this shampoo several times a week for about a month, my scalp is back to normal. I am glad I found this option, feel so silky and hair lathers well when shampooed.

2. Best Dandruff Shampoo With Pyrithione Zinc

formed by the head and shoulders, Royal Oils Specifically designed to treat dandruff on curly and frizzy hair types. It uses the active ingredient pyrithione zinc, which is an anti-fungal commonly used treat dandruff and other skin conditions that cause scaling like seborrheic dermatitis. Royal Oils Shampoo also contains coconut oil and apple cider vinegar to moisturize, which contains antimicrobial propertiesTo gently clarify and balance dryness of the scalp with regular use.

Sulfate Free: Yes Main Ingredients: pyrithione zinc Shape: 12.8 oz.

Relevant review: “I was battling itchy scalp and large flakes. I experimented with my routine and eventually stumbled upon this version for curly hair. My hair is about 3c and has some frizziness. That’s great! The smell isn’t too medicinal or overpowering, it gets rid of product build-up quite easily, and definitely doesn’t strip the moisture out of my hair. Best of all, my itchy scalp and those big flakes are gone.

3. Best Dandruff Shampoo With Ketoconazole

Nizoral is the only OTC shampoo with ketoconazole, a Potent, clinically proven anti-fungal medication, Nizoral controls the growth of malassezia rather than only addressing the symptoms of dandruff, such as flaking and itching. While ketoconazole is one of the most potent anti-fungals on the market, Nizoral is gentle enough to be used twice a week if necessary (though as mentioned earlier, curly hair types ideally only use twice a week Must use dandruff shampoo once). Note that it contains sulfates, which may make it too drying for some – but it is very effective at getting to the root of severe dandruff.

Sulfate Free: No Main Ingredients: ketoconazole Shape: 7 oz.

Relevant Reviews: “This shampoo works! I am African American and have curly hair so I was worried this shampoo would make my hair too dry. It was not the case. As long as you use a moisturizing conditioner you are good to go Would be nice. This shampoo would be worth it anyway as it really helps get rid of dandruff!”

4. Best Dandruff Shampoo With Tea Tree

Designed for coarse and dry hair types, Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo Soothes dry scalp while cleansing and adding shine to hair. The lavender and tea tree scents are more than just aromatherapeutic – tea tree oil has natural anti-fungal properties and Has been shown to help treat dandruff, While tea tree soothes the scalp, the amino acids go to work Improves hair strength, moisture levels and dandruff symptoms, Keep in mind that this shampoo is also not sulfate-free; However, if your skin is sensitive to the harsh actives found in most dandruff shampoos, tea tree is a great alternative.

Sulfate Free: No Main Ingredients: tea tree Shape: 10.14 oz.

Relevant Reviews: “I’m using this now for an anti-dandruff shampoo based on my stylist’s recommendation. Haven’t had dandruff since.”

5. Best Splurge-Worth Dandruff Shampoo

Leonor Grell Paris Dandruff Shampoo Uses the antimicrobial properties of bee propolis for a super-gentle yet effective remedy for dandruff and dry, itchy scalp. The shampoo has a delicate ylang ylang scent and soothes with high-quality, naturally derived ingredients such as chamomile extract, oat amino acids, wild pansy extract and bee propolis, which was used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians . calm inflammation and promote healing, It’s free of sodium lauryl sulfate, and uses the gentler ammonium lauryl sulfate instead Deeply cleanses hair with less irritation,

Sulfate Free: No Main Ingredients: Honeycomb Shape: 6.7 oz

Relevant Reviews: “This shampoo works wonders on my scalp. I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis and have tried myriad medicated shampoos over the years with no success until I tried Leonor Greil Shampoo. My dandruff completely disappeared And my scalp is healthier than I haven’t seen it in years. The shampoo smells great and leaves my hair feeling soft without drying it out.”

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