Her Sports Agent Boyfriend Is Her “One And Only”

Adele hasn’t exactly had an easy time when it comes to love. And his fans have been with him at every step.

In 2011, with her album 21We All cried with break-up songs like “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep”. came in 2016 25, another album as full of heartbreak as “Water Under the Bridge” and “Hello”. In her latest album, 30Adele once again gave us a masterclass in writing about the end of a love relationship, as she opened up about her recent divorce from Simone Konecki.

But things finally seem to be looking up for the pop sensation. As of May 2021, Adele is officially dating Rich Paul, the sports agent responsible for the likes of LeBron James, Ben Simmons, and John Wall. While the pair have been cautious about bringing their relationship into the public eye, so far it seems Adele has found the partner she’s been waiting for. Could it be, as she would put it, her “one and only?”

Read on to know the complete relationship timeline of Adele and Rich Paul.

2019-2020: Adele and Rich Paul meet at a party

Dating a pop superstar isn’t easy, so it’s no surprise that Adele initially chose to keep her relationship with Rich Paul a secret. While the pair made their first public appearance in May 2021, they probably met a year or two ago.

As told by Adele the trend In October 2021, he hit it off for the first time at a party. “I was a little drunk. I said, ‘Do you want to sign me? I’m an athlete now.'” She continued, “He was dancing. Everyone else was just sitting around. He was just dancing. After meeting, Adele and Paul became friends, but things didn’t turn romantic until early 2021.

May 2021: Amir Paul hints at new relationship

After their relationship turned romantic in early 2021, Paul hinted that things were going well during a profile the new Yorker, He said, somewhat cryptically, that “she was over yesterday” and that they were “hanging out.” While Paul did not publicly confirm who this new love interest was, the writer stated that she was a “major pop star”.

Paul said, “I’m not dating, I’m single. Put it in the story.”

July 2021: Adele and Rich Paul spotted in public

Adele and Paul made their first public appearance in June 2021 when they sat together at Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, Adele was by now Paul’s official girlfriend. “Rich Paul, [LeBron James’] agent, brings his girlfriend to the game sitting next to LeBron. His girlfriend is Adele,” he said lowe post podcast. “Rich Paul is in the game with Adele.”

He added, “It’s the first time they’ve appeared in public together, so it’ll be all over the papers, especially in England tomorrow.”

As Adele later confessed the trend, She didn’t want to make her new relationship public. “I didn’t mean to go public with it. I just wanted to go to the game,” she said. “I just love being around him. I just love it.”

While Paul worried about the public’s reaction, Adele shrugged it off. “He was like, ‘What are people going to say?’ And I was like, ‘That’s you signed me. As an athlete. You’re my agent.’ And he was like, ‘Okay, cool.’

September 2021: Instagram Official

A few months after her first public outing, Adele shared her first couple photo on Instagram.

The photo series features Adele in a stunning black and white gown on the stairs. In the final photo, the couple is seen hugging and smiling at the camera. Adele’s caption is a simple heart emoji. What a great way to go Instagram official!

October 2021: Adele opens up about Rich Paul

Adele appeared on the cover of both in October 2021 the trend And british vogue, In both profiles, she spoke candidly about her budding relationship with Paul. “Yeah, we’re together,” she said british vogue, “Were very happy.”

and as he explained the trend, He came along at the right time in her life. As she put it, “the rich just got incredibly rich,” right after her divorce and before her father passed.

Luckily, that was just what he needed. “I don’t feel anxious or nervous or tired. It’s quite the opposite. It’s wild.

She added, “I’m a 33-year-old divorced mom who’s really in charge. The last thing I need is someone who doesn’t know where they are, or what they want. I know what I want. And I In fact Know what I don’t want.

November 2021: an audience with adele

Adele and Paul growing closer as sports agents Seen at the taping of the pop star’s television special, an audience with adele, While Paul kept a low profile at the event, the pair were seen leaving the event together.

November 2021: Adele’s Oprah interview

In November 2021, Adele talks about finding love with Paul once again. During a conversation with Oprah, adele one night only, the singer explained that it was “just timing” that had worked things out. “And just the ease of it. It’s very comfortable,” she added.

What made this relationship so unique, she went on to explain, was the fact that it was the first time she “loved herself and was open to loving and being loved by someone else.” She added, “It will be interesting to see how my reaction is in general to anything that hurts me now that I feel so secure in myself, and I’m talking outside of romance as well.”

as Paul later revealed in a Instagram Post, he was also present during the filming of the interview. #HowLuckyCanOneGuyBe was his cute caption on photos of him and Adele with Oprah.

February 2022: Adele wears a diamond ring

Are Adele and Rich Paul Engaged? Well, a lot of fans certainly think so after seeing the singer wearing a massive diamond on her left hand during the BRIT Awards.

However, Adele refused to confirm or deny the engagement rumours. “As if I’d ever tell anyone whether I was or not,” she said, suggestively showing the ring during an appearance The Graham Norton Show, “It’s cute though isn’t it?”

“I’m taking it as a yes,” Norton replied.

May 2022: Search for ‘good company’

In May 2022, Adele shared a second Instagram Post that featured Paul. In the adorable photo series, the pair can be seen standing in front of a large mansion in Beverly Hills holding keys, leading many fans to speculate that the pair had moved in together.

Other pictures show the couple laughing and kissing together. In one photo, Adele also holds up a slip of paper that reads, “You’ve got good company – enjoy.”

Adele captioned the post, “Time flies.” From the sounds of things, he’s found good company.

June 2022: Amir Paul hints at having more kids

during an interview with I! OnlinePaul talks with Adele about his future plans.

He started off by talking about his three children from a previous relationship. “As a young father, growing a business, it was very difficult,” he said, “but looking now as an older father, if I want more kids, I’m looking forward to being a different father.” Am.”

Looks like having kids with Adele is definitely not off the table.

July 2022: Adele Gush On Desert Island Disc

For Adele, there is also the possibility of having more children. During an interview on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discthe singer revealed, “I would definitely like some more kids. If we can, that would be great.” She continued, “If not, I have Angelo. I just want to be happy.”

And that’s not all the star had to say about Paul. She also reveals that Paul has been nothing but supportive. “I think the relationship I’m in now is like, ‘If you want to go to that restaurant, you should go and taste food at that restaurant, and if you want to go to this birthday party, Then you should go. You can’t remember these things, what could be worse?” It looks like Adele is finally saying (or singing) “hello” to a relationship that actually worked. does.

February 2023: Date Night at the Grammys

Adele has had her fair share of iconic Grammy moments, winning an astonishing 16 trophies, but one of her most special moments was at the 2023 ceremony when she had Paul by her side for the first time. The pair looked like they had a grand ol’ time in the audience, cuddling up with their tablemate Lizzo and sipping on what seemed like the world’s biggest bottle of champagne alongside Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The singer gave a sweet shoutout to Paul during her acceptance speech after winning Best Pop Solo Performance for “Easy on Me,” though it was intended to point out how she didn’t listen to his advice. “Richie said don’t cry,” she remarked. “She said if you win tonight, don’t cry. Here I am crying.”

April 2023: Adele Facetimes Rich Paul in Viral Moment

On April 13, Paul gave fans an unexpected sneak peek at his and Adele’s dynamic. Influencer Kai Senat, the singer FaceTimed with Paul during a Twitch livestream, but instead of declining her call, the agent politely picked up to explain the situation. “Hey baby,” he told her, before adding a warning, “I’m streaming, I’ll call you back.” Adele replied, “Oh my god! Where are you streaming? To which he replied, “I’m streaming with my boy Kai.” Cenat apparently didn’t mind the interruption, cheering “Hi Adele !”, to which he replied, “Hi darling! OK have fun.”

Naturally, the Senate was shocked when he hung up the phone. “Oh Snape, that was Adele!” she remarked enthusiastically before singing a snippet of her 2015 hit “Hello,” which made Paul laugh as well. Influencers, they are just like us.

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