16 elegant ballroom-inspired nail ideas for an en pointe manicure.

Balletcore sounds exactly like what you might imagine. It’s all things youthful, playfully playful, and ultimately, inspired by the ballerina wardrobe and dancer lifestyle. And especially in regards to balletore-inspired makeup, hairstyles and clothing – you can expect lots of pretty ribbons, ballerina buns, soft silhouettes and lots of pink.

ICYMI, Bellecore is taking over TikTok’s For You page *and* beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trends. case in point? International supermodel and total It-girl of the moment Bella Hadid has openly co-signed the feminine movement, opting for ballet flats, leg warmers and ribbons in her hair on more than one occasion.

When it comes to manicures and summer-ready pedicures, ballet-approved nail art trends (like the high-shine “lip gloss” manicure, for example) have become a serious staple for the likes of Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, and more. went. And with the ever-popular glitter donut nails, it looks like clean fingers and soft-girl beauty is still ready to rule through the warmer months.

Want to get in on the balletcore trend through a fresh manicure? From a maximalist set with a bow to a minimalist look featuring pearls, here are 16 classy nail art ideas. Fair warning: Be prepared to think pink.


I’m shy

A TikTok nail art trend that originated in Korea, blush nails make it look like your nail beds are flushed.


pretty pink jelly beans

A gorgeous jelly-like, mid-tone pink polish that’ll make your tips look like little jelly beans, this limited-edition shade Lights Lacquer x Polly Pocket Collab is an easy go-to (and *so* nostalgic).


Barely There “Lip Gloss” Nails

Want to give off some serious ballerina vibes no matter the nail art design? The coffin-shaped tips look like cute pointy shoes (especially when painted in a “lip gloss”-inspired lacquer).


ballerinas in 3d

For maxi nails that scream ballerina, opt for a baby pink color and 3D ribbon made of pearls.


Very Velvet Press-On

Velvet nails were a major trend during the winter months—and especially in a vibrant hue (like these pink velvet press-on), the trend feels fresh for spring and summer, too.


beautiful little pearls

Elevate any nail look with some pearl decor (or snag these pretty Glam Getter Press-On à la paintbucket).


french en pointe

Bring your French manicure to a sharp point for a stunning look that’s especially cute on stiletto-shaped tips.


black swan set

Not so much into pink? These black Swan-Inspired nails with jet black lacquer and black 3D bows to match take the balletcore trend to a darker place.


pink aura chrome

Where blush nails meet aura nails—these on-trend chrome details are both sweet And sharp at the same time.


everything pink everything

Pink double-lined French tips? check. Butterfly Gem? check. This design is simply everything.


Feeling French Glaze

Want an on-trend glazed manicure in a pinch? These french glaze Quickies have press-on tricks.


pure pink frosting

When in doubt, paint your nails in any bubblegum pink nail polish shade for an easy ballerina-inspired mani moment.


Sparkly Micro French

Micro French manicures are totally on trend (even Jennifer Lopez is a fan). These minimal yet sparkly nails are perfect for barre class, date night, and beyond.

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