11 parks in Royal Greenwich to be refurbished as £1million investment is completed

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Published: Wednesday, 12 April 2023

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has invested £1 million to improve 11 parks across the borough.

Following refurbishment works, Charlton Park Playground has now reopened to the public, marking the completion of an extensive improvement programme. As well as new playground equipment, the paths around the park have been repaired, additional seating and bins are now in place and the listed wall has been strengthened.

As well as being part of the council’s £1 million investment, Charlton Park also received separate funding, which was used to modernize the main sports changing rooms, install a carbon neutral heating system and install a new disabled toilet Was.

Councilor Adel Khaireh, cabinet member for equality, culture and communities, said: “Back in 2020, we committed to investing £1 million to improve parks across the borough. I am pleased to say we have delivered on that promise. These works are now complete , families all over the city are ready to enjoy this summer.

“Along with aesthetic improvements to make our parks more welcoming, we have improved surfaces, added accessible playground equipment and transformed existing features such as the new wildlife pond at Rockcliff Gardens.

“We know that our parks and open spaces contribute to the mental and physical wellbeing of our residents and these improvements will make them more accessible to our residents. My thanks go out to all the Friends of the Park groups who supported this project Is.

After consultation with residents, the following parks were selected for investment:

bostal garden

  • renovated ball court

  • Repair of broken infrastructure including stairs and walkways

  • new picnic benches and seating

  • redecoration of gates

  • sowing wildflower seeds

charlton park

Eaglesfield Park

Marion Park

  • new outdoor gym equipment

  • tennis court repainted

  • Major Repair of Retaining Wall

  • Path and Phase Repair

  • new bins and benches

Plumstead Gardens

  • Abandoned paddling pool removed

  • playground improvements

  • New drain to save the park from flood

  • regenerated and improved path

  • Renovated Park Gates

  • two new table tennis tables

  • installation of cctv cameras

  • new entry signs

Queenscroft Park

  • refresh playground

  • Removal of abandoned paddling and boating pools and relandscaping

  • resurgence of the ballcourt

  • exterior renovation

  • bridge repair

  • road repair

  • new benches and bins

Rockcliffe Garden

  • Major Repair of Retaining Wall

  • road repair

  • step and wall repair

  • redecorating sections of railing

  • new entry signs

shrewsbury park

St. Mary’s Garden

  • road repair

  • wall repair

  • new bins and benches

  • new entry signs

sunbury street

Twinkle Park

  • Ball Court Commented

  • road repair

  • pond boardwalk repair

  • floodlights repaired

  • wooden boundary repair

  • Bench repairs and new bins

A small amount of money has been set aside for minor maintenance works in other parks of Royal Greenwich.

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